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 Friends and Family Spring Weekend Event
We'd like to invite you to join us in Quincy MAY 28th & 29th, all day, both days.  Bring a friend or family member to the Quincy Vitamin, Health & Beauty Department and take home our special gift bags   (1 per person)  This is our way to say thank you, to all of our amazing CUSTOMERS for your patronage.   Be happy, be healthy and live well!     Good Health Staff


Come by the Quincy store; Thursday, June 2nd from 11-3PM, and join "Celia"  for your Borlind mini makeover and skincare consultation.   With any Borlind purchase, on June 2nd, of $50. or more, get a FREE Borlind product, while supplies last.   Ask any Good Health Beauty Associate for details.  See you in June.  All promotional Borlind sales are non-returnable.  

Recent Testimonials: 

"I've been very sick, for a very long time.  The doctors are clueless--they take lots of tests and write lots of scripts.  I think the side effects from the drugs they put me on made me feel even worse.  A friend mentioned Good Health--so I drove up to Quincy from the cape.  My life- and my health have been transformed!  I spoke with several people in the nutrition area--they talked real talk, kept it simple, their information made sense.  I've been taking their whole food vitamins for my adrenals and trying to eat healthier foods. I've lost 6 lbs and I feel amazing!  NOW I am a believer.  Thank you to the kind people @ Good Health in Quincy Center."   RF


"My huband and I just moved here from Ireland--and we live in Braintree;  I had heard about one of your big competitors in Hingham--so I went there;  I was really disappointed;  no one there could answer my questions;  it was a waste of time and gas;  now I know...l'll come to    Good Health in Quincy--because your people are well educated and ...really fun;  and we thought the Irish were the nicest!!   Means alot. "



"My boyfriend and I ride our bikes a lot, year round -- thanks to our bike rides, we stopped by Good Health, in Quincy and are weekly customers now.  Incredible selection of items you will not find anywhere else!  Organic produce, natural groceries, fresh soups and sandwiches and a nice vegan selection!  My boyfriend buys all his protein powders and workout supplements on the vitamin side--I even get my cosmetics and bath stuff there.  They always have great prices, coupons and FREE samples - and the staff are super helpful and friendly."


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